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Join us for our first in-person conference in 2021! Camino is an InterVarsity conference for college students to spend time recharging in nature away from all the demands of the fall semester and to connect with God and one another.

  • Our Fall Conference is going to be an In Person Event held at Diamond Arrow in Nevada City
  • Our time will be spent studying scripture in large and small groups, discussing our Journey of Faith with other students in our similar context.  
  • Our track leaders are current InterVarsity Christian Fellowship campus staff, leading a team of other campus staff to guide us through the scriptures in both large group and small group settings.  Our staff team brings the experience of life and understanding of college context and know how to help navigate faith as part of the college experience.  
  • This weekend is for college students attending schools in our Greater Sacramento/Reno and Central Valley campuses, needing a break from the daily college grind, to reset mid-semester and take a weekend to let Jesus speak in a retreat setting.  Plus a road trip with friends to get there is always a fun treat!
  • October 29-31 in Nevada City!
  • Our sessions will be a combination of large group instruction and small group discussion.  There will also be time for group and individual prayer for those wanting it.

COVID 19 - Updates

We all recognize that navigating large gatherings in the ever changing world of COVID-19 is a challenge. As a community of believers, we believe that the proper response for an event such as this, is one that is rooted in hospitality, respect, honor and care and concern for others.  We do desire to host an event where we can gather as community, but we also desire to do so safely and with a limited risk to each other. 

We intend to honor and protect each other during the retreat with the following practices (subject to change as conditions and guidelines are updates - please check back regularly). 

  • As community, we plan to mask up while indoors.  (We don't think the Biblical command for believers to be sharing people includes respiratory droplets.)
  • As community, we plan to humble ourselves to temperature checks daily. (As far as we know, being filled with the fire of the Holy Spirit does NOT raise body temperature.)
  • As community, we will offer multiple options for dining locations. (We can break bread together both inside and outside with ease and comfort.)
  • As community, we have made multiple housing options available. (And is a plus for introverts who may not have anxiety over COVID, but the option to pay for a private room is a bonus nonetheless.)
  • As community, we recognize there is great freedom in opinions and personal beliefs, but simultaneously recognize that Jesus placed high premium on honoring and including the marginalized and disadvantaged, so we want to make this camp a comfortable place for individuals who may be at greater risk.

Session Leaders

Ilana Ferguson MOC Director

Ilana Ferguson, team leader from University of the Pacific, will be directing this track, welcoming students who are exploring faith and/or are new to campus fellowships and looking to deepen personal disciplines in being a Jesus follower. Ilana and her team are praying for you and that you would encounter Jesus in a new way this weekend.

Leah Stewart Rekindle

Leah Stewart, team leader at California State University, Sacramento, is directing this track, encouraging current student leaders to press harder into the leadership journey that Jesus has called you to. During this weekend, we anticipate that Jesus will inspire new vision for you as a Small Group Leader, Exec Team Member, or other support leadership roles in your current chapter context.


Friday NightOpening Session

Registration and Opening Session - Meet your new friends for the weekend in a time of worship and introduction. Following the opening worship time, each track will meet for an evening of digging into scripture and encountering Jesus together.

Saturday MorningBreakfast

MMMMM. Breakfast. With 150 of your closest friends!

Saturday Mid MorningMorning Track Session

We will continue digging into scriptures and seeing how Jesus wants to encounter us in our Faith Journey.

Saturday Noon-ishLunch

Not only is this another opportunity to break bread with 150 of your newest closest faith journey companions, but Lunch will also offer the opportunity to join an 'interest table' and find out more about: Native Ministry in InterVarsity; Missions opportunities in InterVarsity (through IFES); Staff Opportunities after Graduation and other specific ministry interests.

Saturday AfternoonFree time

Afternoon free time is a choose your own adventure! Explore recreation opportunities at the retreat center, have a meaningful conversation with a friend, take a nap, do homework (Yes... we know it'll be on your mind), or any number of other things.

Saturday Early EveningDinner

Mix things up. Sit at a different table. Meet people from another campus. Sit in anticipation of an unexpected announcement.

Saturday EveningEvening Session

Study in scriptures continue. The journey with Jesus continues. Prayer adventures abound.

Saturday NightSocial Activities

Too dark for bird watching. Too warm for ice skating. But that doesn't mean there is nothing to do. There will be something fun.

Sunday MorningBreakfast

6 students will join Dan (camp director), because everyone else wants to sleep in - but Dan, and other staff over 50, have been up for several hours and need coffee.

Sunday Mid MorningFinal Session

We prepare to take what we learned and experienced and head home with a new vision and excitement for what Jesus and the journey hold starting tonight, when we come off the mountain top

Location Information

  • Diamond Arrow Christian Conference Center
  • 15742 N Bloomfield Road, Nevada City, CA, 95959 US


  • The most affordable option - share a room with 12 other people!

  • Stay in a hotel style room with 2-4 of your friends

  • Stay in a single room with a shared bathroom

  • The most affordable option - share a room with 12 other people!

  • Stay in a hotel style room with 2-4 of your friends

  • Stay in a single room with a shared bathroom

  • We are so excited that you've come to help us. The most affordable option - share a room with 12 other people!

  • We are so excited that you've come to help us. Stay in a hotel style room with 2-4 of your friends

  • We are so excited that you've come to help us. Stay in a single room with a shared bathroom.

  • We are excited that you've come to help us for the day. We appreciate your service.

Contact Information

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College / University Information


  • DOC (Disciples on Campus)

    DOC (Disciples on Campus)

    DOC is for students new to InterVarsity or faith in general. If this is your first InterVarsity retreat, this is the place for you! We'll be exploring what it means to live faith on campus (or even virtually) while in college.

  • Rekindle


    This is a track for students that are in leadership at their campus/chapter. We will spend the weekend studying 2 Timothy and learning how to rekindle our love for mission on campus as we begin to return to some form campus life this year.

Individual Release/Waiver READ BOTH

Should the PDF not display properly, you may download a copy of the Individual Release-Waiver_10.22.2020.pdf


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